Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Paris Series


  1. My new collection of card designs, Jan 2010....I was so pleased with my purchase of a bundle of Paris postcards, I felt they deserved a whole little series of designs all of their own!

    So I'd like to thank Paris for a great start to the year x

  2. Hi Kate,deb price of Winnies gallery here. Thanks for popping in today...sorry i was a bit flustered will all the sorting out I've got to do. i love your Paris designs and I too have a big passion for birds! I'd love to have some new cards but what I would really love is some of your framed prints and maybe a few unframed for the browser.I have a lot more space now for people to have a really good look around and I will be replacing some of Carrie's not so good prints and paintings so will have wall space at last! I'll be having a relaunch party on the 12th feb for valentins and your Paris theme could be heavily featured should you be interested and have the time. please call in again or give me a ring.
    Yours deb